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R.A.M.P. (Raising Achievement Through Mentoring Programme) helps school reflect on, plan and undertake changes in education for better learning outcomes. WE use six phases of the process to take a closer look at important issues and prioritize action. The insight we gain initiate a new cycle of the process for continuous improvement.

Step 1 : Introspection : A team of students, teachers, school leaders and parents collaborate to redefine the Vision, Goals and Core Values.
Step 2 : Enquiry : School learn about innovation in teaching, learning and assessment and they work on possibilities to implement this new learning changes.
Step 3 : Inclusion : School partners with parents and different people in the community to make their dream come true.
Step 4 : Innovation : School decide on the innovation in curriculum, pedagogy, leadership technology and learning space design that will bring about their vision.
Step 5 : Implementation : School focuses on creating and implementing their plan for change.
Step 6 : Insight : To guide continue improvement, school reflect on their experiences and review their outcomes in relation to their school benchmark and success metrics.